Paul & Steph's 1948 Ford F-7

Our fire truck is a 1948 Ford F-7 from Glenwood City, Wisconsin. Glenwood City Fire Department bought the fire truck new in 1948 from Forstner Brothers out of Madelia, Minnesota to replace their model T engine. It is 1 of 3 made by the Forstner Brothers Company that year. It has a 500 GPM American Marsh Pump, 390 Cubic Inch Ford V-8 motor. In 1971 the truck was moved from primary engine status to reserve engine and was retired in 1984. The motor was replaced in the 1970’s from the original flat head V-8 to the 390 because the hills in Glenwood City required more power. The pump was rebuilt in the late 1960’s. One of the most memorable fires that the engine was at was the Glenwood City High School Fire where the truck pumped water for more than 12 hours.